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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Our Year 2012

Get Picky inspiration Challenge

Get picky inspiration challenge is our year 2012, well its all about my husband and I and having a lot more time for each other this year. we are going to have our little getaways this year even if its only a few but coffee and movie outings just some little time for us with no kids. I love em dearly but they consume so much of your time that its hard to have time for one another so this year is going to be a little more balance in our lifestyle. Also this year I want to take some time out for myself to get a little healthier about exercising and losing some weight I want to be here for a long time not a short time so its time to put a little effort into taking better care of myself.


  1. Gorgeous work! Your design is so unique - it's very elegant! Thank you so much for playing along with us at Get Picky! :D

  2. Lovely, Leanne! Love the hanging journaling-card and the bold black flourished background! Love your 2012 goals as well, I have some similar ones! :) Thanks so much for joining in with our Get Picky challenge!

  3. love this!!! the layout is just perfect. love ur goals for 2012!!! very similar to mine. :)

  4. wow I love the design of your layout - thanks so much for playing along with us at Get Picky :)